Adele Secretly Divorced Simon Konecki and Is Dating a ‘Mystery Man’

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According to the Daily Star, Sunday on April 27, 2019, Grammy-Winner Adele secretly divorced Simon Konecki and has started to date a mystery man.

Friends of Adele told the Star that 30-year-old Adele and 45-year-old Konecki already divorced, despite two weeks ago had released a press statement saying that they had separated.

The source said that Adele had told her friends that she is divorced and trying to find a new normal for her. She is very open that she divorced Konecki. In public, Adele has remained quiet and has given few details.

The Sun on Sunday reported Adele’s Husband Had Another Life Without the Singer Prior to Their Split was seen in New York kissing a man with a beard who was not her ex-husband. It is reported he looks just like Konecki. The publication said the two had gone on several dates.

The source said Adele is a powerful woman and like any person who had their marriage fail, is trying to get over it. Continuing, she claimed since Adele moved to Los Angeles, she likes American men. The singer kissed a man in a bar when she was in New York. The man had a beard like Konecki, but it was trimmed and better groomed.

Adele and her mystery man are getting to know each other, but she is not looking for a serious relationship.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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