Phil McCormack Lead Singer of Molly Hatchet Dies at 58 [Video]

McCormackPhil McCormack, hard Rock lead singer of the group Molly Hatchet has died at 58-years-old. Little information has been given about his death.

McCormack’s death was confirmed on The Roadducks Facebook page on April 27, 2019, a rock band based in Virginia that McCormack used to perform with.

The post stated that McCormack was an excellent singer, brother, bandmate, and person. They continued by saying that they had spent thousands of hours together that turned into a thousand days. Together, they have created a band that was unbreakable and very few people were lucky enough to experience something like that.

The post did not give a day of his death or cause.

McCormack performed in the early 90s of Molly Hatchet when they were based in Jacksonville. He later became the permanent lead singer in 1995, replacing the former frontman Danny Joe Brown who decided to leave the band due because of his health issues.

Dave Hlubek died 18 months ago in September 2017. Hlubek was one of the founding members of Molly Hatchet. Earlier in 2017, Hatchet’s bassist, Banner Thomas, passed away.

Hlubek founded Moll Hatchet in 1971 in Jacksonville, when he graduated from Forrest High School.

Molly Hatchet was named after a legendary prostitute who murdered people.

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First Coast News: Molly Hatchet lead singer Phil McCormack dies at 58

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