Are ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Fans Over NeNe Leakes?

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NeNe Leakes“The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA)” reality series is one of the most watched Bravo TV shows. It follows the lives of a few of Atlanta’s African-American women, some of which are well-known while others are newly introduced. The series is now in its eleventh season. One cast member, in particular, known for her sharp-tongued comedic one-liners is NeNe Leakes. This actress was, at one time, one of the favorite housewives of all the “Real Housewives” franchise. Many viewers, however, are now wondering if Bravo TV has created an egotistical, ruthless monster. Are the fans over NeNe Leakes?

The Broadway actress was raised in Athens, Georgia by an aunt, as opposed to her mother. Her mom had five children but sent NeNe and her brother to live elsewhere. NeNe has always wondered why she had to be sent away and not left to her mother’s care and has lived a life plagued by that rejection. Whenever she feels any type of betrayal or abandonment, defense mechanisms kick in, she retreats behind “Nay-Nay” and goes into attack mode. As a result, NeNe had stunted many relationships.

What the comedian fails to realize is that she is often in her own way. Life can feel like an obstacle course, or as Kandi described it, a roller coaster. Many times people find themselves dodging and ducking issues surrounding their past experiences, personal life, relationships, and family. What they do not realize is way too often is no one else is stopping life’s momentum for them; they are in their own way of healing and breakthrough.

Pain has a way of changing its victim’s perception causing things to seem real that are not. An unaddressed experience can cause a person to feel as if the world is against them when they are really just living their own lives without knowledge of the easy access to an offense. Truth is, many people find themselves in a position where they feel it is the fault of an outside force as to why they are not further along.

Are the “RHOA” fans over NeNe Leakes? After the first two parts of the Reunion Show, and after the watching her throughout the season, the resounding answer is, “YES!” She continues to show some type of internal progress but always finds her way back to the aggressive personality that pushes away those closest to her.  As a matter of fact, she is now contemplating re-divorcing her cancer-stricken husband, Gregg Leakes. The comic has separated herself from 90 percent of her cast mates and even has an issue with Andy Cohen, the executive vice president of development and talent.

Although NeNe comes off as an egotistical, ruthless monster, she is really a little girl with extreme defense mechanisms at work. Laden with emotional baggage, she finds it difficult to trust others and even harder to maintain real relationships. Emotional baggage is the turmoil one carries as a result of past issues. This is the extra crap that clutters its captives mind and weighs them down with regurgitation of the past. Emotional baggage hinders peace and renders victims unable to fully enjoy the present.

Leakes has successfully used the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” platform to launch new levels of success, without question. While many of her supporters have been loyal fans for years, they can no longer deny the evil side to Leakes. Now, fans are wondering if she will ever change for the better.

NeNe is quick to remind “everyone” that she gave the other housewives their break into showbiz by getting them onto the series.  She also constantly reminds them that they are not on her level. Fans find it funny that Kandi Burruss-Tucker is actually the richest and most famous housewife on the show. The Xscape singer has been living large for a very long time and is the longest concurrent cast member of the series.

Leakes has now been deemed a rotten peach because the fans are over her foolishness and arrogance. While she may have time to redeem herself, it needs to happen quickly. NeNe has the ability to be nice and sweet until someone disrupts the flesh of this peach and then she flips the script. As of today, are the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans over NeNe Leakes? Many of them have emphatically declared, “Yes!”

Opinion by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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