Chicago’s Continuing Fight for Better Education


At one point in time, the Chicago school system was considered to be one of the worst in the country. Over the years, there have been many attempts to improve the education system on a national scale, but it is Chicago that has truly seen the fruits of that labor.

As “U.S. News” reports, thanks to outgoing mayor, Rahm Emanuel, the city has improved their quality of education to a point where they are not only competitive with other school systems in the country, but it is perhaps one of the best in the nation. It is easy to point out that this is no small feat. At this time, Chicago’s school system is currently at its very best in years.

While it is easy to point out the negatives of Emanuel’s tenure as mayor, even in terms of what he has done to the school system, one cannot overlook the fact that the current graduation rate for the Chicago Public Schools is at an all time high, with nearly 80 percent of all students graduating high school. It is not just the graduation rate that has seen a drastic improvement. On average, since Emanuel became mayor and began implementing massive educational changes in Chicago, the test scores have shown an improvement of approximately six grades.

It is not just the testing that has shown improvement, but according to current numbers, it seems that even the rate at which these students are learning has improved. It is being said that students in Chicago are learning 96 percent faster than their peers in other school districts around the nation. Clearly this means that students in the city are now part of the upper echelons of education, and this is important for the city and the country.

Perhaps one of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s greatest educational achievement is the STAR program. This program is a very unique program that would allow any Chicago student who is graduating with at least a GPA of 3.0 to attend City Colleges of Chicago for free in order to receive their associates degree.

A free college education is a feat that many might consider unprecedented, and yet it is now a way of life for students in Chicago. This alone is proof that if people fight for a better education system there is hope for the students.

The fact that the city has improved their educational system so greatly is a true accomplishment and one that should not be forgotten, but that does not mean that there are not still problems and issues. Growth does not come without problems and failings. There have still been plenty of controversies around Emanuel’s decisions.

From shutting down 50 public schools and instead focusing on entrance exam based institutions, to letting go of 950 employees of the Chicago Public Schools, there are still plenty of issues that still need to be addressed when it comes to fighting for a better educational system. Losing schools, teachers, and other educational employees is a missed opportunity. These are losses that can have a wide-ranging impact on a city.

Perhaps the greatest impact is the fact that Chicago’s public schools have lost a place where all students are welcome, no matter how well one can test. As is, testing has its own controversies, as many educators point to teaching to tests for why there are so many students graduating without fundamental skill sets.

Chicago is a city that continues to fight for better education, and it is clear that even as they show continued improvement and high standards, there are still battles that need to be fought. A perfect system is impossible, but striving to be better is a sign that even a city at the top knows that one can never rest when it comes to a quality education. Chicago has a lot to be proud of when it comes to their school system, but there is always room for improvement and greater achievements.

Written and edited by Kimberley Spinney


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Image Credit – nappy from Pexels – Creative Commons License

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