Madonna Confirms ‘Madame X’ Coming Off of Her Worst Selling Album

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Madonna announced on April 14, 2019, that she would be returning to the music scene.

On her Instagram and Twitter account, she posted a video. In it, she announced that the name of her upcoming album would be called “Madame X.”

In the video clip, Madonna is seen typing at a typewriter while changing into various elaborate outfits.

Madonna shares (without her British accent) that she decided to call her album “Madame X,” but does not give a release date.

The name of the album seems to refer to an alter ego or character she has created, such as Mariah Carey’s “Bianca” or Lady Gaga’s “Jo Calderone.”

Madonna describes herself as a secret agent, who travels around the world, changing her identity. She also fights for freedom and brings light to dark places.

Madonna originally stated she was going to release her new album towards the end of 2018. However, it never happened.

“Madame X” will be the fourteenth proper studio album. He last release was in 2015 with “Rebel Heart,” which was the artist’s worst selling album on more than 20 years.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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