Madonna Plays Eurovision and Says $1M Is More Important Than Human Rights

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Madonna has chosen to close the Eurovision 2019 show despite an outcry and protests from industry people and human rights groups to show support to the Palestinian people regarding the human rights violations inflicted upon them by Israelis.

This is not the first time Madonna has ignored the horrors that are happening to Palestinians. In June 2102, she kicked off her MDNA tour in Tel Aviv.

On that day she said from the stage “I have chosen to begin my world tour in Israel for very important and specific reasons. The conflicts in the Middle East start in Israel as it has been happening for thousands of years. It must stop now.” She continued by saying one can not be a Madonna fan if one does not want peace.

That very day, two Palestinian brothers who had tickets for the concert, filmed their attempt to attend the Madonna show and how they were stopped from attending because they were Palestinian.

Madonna did not mention them or the other Palestinians who were not permitted to attend. She also did not mention that the crowd she was performing for was segregated, or how Palestinian political prisoners who were on a hunger strike to protest the treatment of the Palestinian people.

Madonna’s people saw the bad PR she was receiving, especially from the BDS movement; her people knew they had to fix her image. They offered 600 tickets to her show to left-leaning organizations.

Unfortunately, it backfired. Some of the groups who received the invitations declined because individuals who lived in Gaza and the West Bank would not be permitted to attend the concert. This just proved their point regarding why Madonna should not perform.

In 2019, Madonna agreed to perform at Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv. She will be paid $1 Million to sing two songs and is planning on bringing a 160 person entourage.

Again, organizations are asking her to think about the human rights violations which are happening towards the Palestinians. Groups such as The Jewish Voice For Peace and Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) asked the material girl to cancel.

Major artists and cultural icons in the United Kingdom, including Peter Gabriel have called for a boycott of the Eurovision contest due to human rights violations.

171 Swedish celebrities and artists signed an open letter urging people to boycott the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest and stressed that “as long as Israel, with its apartheid policy, denies the Palestinians their basic human rights, we must renounce all participation in Israeli cultural exchanges.”

CODEPINK @codepink tweeted on Twitter “Madonna; you said the children of Gaza need our love and support. Then why are you performing at Eurovision which is in Tel Aviv

Tamara Nassar @TamaraINassar tweeted on Twitter “All it takes is a million dollars for Madonna to support apartheid.”

Madonna said on her Instagram in 2014 that she does not support Hamas and she supports respect and dignity.

She has not issued a statement to the people asking her to boycott the show, nor has she given her support to the Palestinian people.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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