Clark Gable III ‘Cheaters’ Star Died From Accidental Drug Overdose

Gable III
According to an autopsy report from Dallas County, Clark Gable’s grandson, Clark Gable III died from a lethal overdose of a cocktail of oxycodone, fentanyl, and alprazolam (generic form of Xanax.)

30-year-old Gable III had drug issued prior to his death.

On February 22, 2019, the “Cheaters” star was found in bed dead by his fiancee.

Gable III’s sudden death caused a fight within his family. His father refused to pay for the funeral expenses, and he was not permitted to be buried in the family plot.

Thirty-two-year-old Kayle Gable, the sister of Gable III shared a text her father 57-year-old, John Gable sent her after he was informed of Gable III’s death.

The Gable family plot is in Los Angeles, California at Forrest Lawn Cemetary. Movie legend Clark Gable has been laid to rest there.

Gable III was the host for the 13th and 14th season of the “Cheaters” reality show and an aspiring actor.

“Cheaters” Executive Producer and show creator Bobby Goldstein, said he knew the actor used drugs, but it never affected his job.

He said “It is true there was gossip the reality show star used to indulge in different drugs for almost a decade. However, I never saw him personally use drugs.”

Written by Barbara Sobel


Radar Online: So Sad! Clark Grandson Died From Accidental Drug Overdose

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