Flight Attendant Gets Measles on El Al Flight From New York to Tel Aviv

The Times of Israel has reported that a flight attendant on Israel’s national airline El Al, was hospitalized on April 3, 20a9 with measles. The flight attendant was on a flight last week from New York to Tel Aviv.

The publication reports the flight attendant was a woman who had been vaccinated against the disease. Currently, she is on a respirator and is unconscious.

A warning has been put out by Israel’s Health Ministry for people who were aboard El Al Flight 002 that departed from John F. Kennedy International airport in New York on March 26 to obtain medical treatment immediately if symptoms of the measles develop. These symptoms can include a rash and fever.

Since last year, Israel has had a huge measles outbreak, In 2018, 3600 cases were reported. New York has also had historical levels of measles, primarily within the ultra-Orthodox community. Over 214 cases have been recorded in the Hasidic communities of Brooklyn. Also, in the Hasidic communities of Rockland County, there have been over 153 cases reported.

Measles vaccines are extremely effective. If an infant is immunized, it gives the individual 95 percent immunity. If a person received a booster shot, usually administered when a child is between four and six years old, the individual will have a 99 percent immunity.

Written by Barbara Sobel


Forward: El Al Flight Attendant Gets Measles On Flight From New York To Tel Aviv

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