“Game of Thrones” Season 8 Characters Who Have Died [Spoilers]

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Game Of ThronesHere we are. The tally of those major characters who have died in “Game of Thrones” season eight, which will be the final season.

Sources have said that many characters we have grown to love in “Game of Thrones” will die when the Seven Kingdoms have a confrontation with the White Walkers and fight to obtain the Iron Throne.

In “Game Of Thrones,” who will die when Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow fight the White Walkers? Will Cersei Lannister never stop until she gains control of the Iron Throne?

Spoiler Alert. Here are those characters who have died so far in “Game Of Thrones”

Episode 3, Beric Dondarrion

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“Game Of Thrones” Lord Beric Dondarrion was the leader of the House of Dondarrion. He led the resistance group the Brotherhood Without Banners. Even though he died, the Red Priest revived him. He became close to Melisandre and began to believe in the Lord of Light.

The White Walkers killed Beric by stabbing him when he was sent to save Arya Stark with the Hound.

Episode 3, Eddison Tollett

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“Game Of Thrones” Eddison was a brother of Night’s Watch and friend to Tormund, Samwell Tarly, and Jon Snow. Eddison to the end was a defender and fighter of the North.

Eddison saved from a White Walker Samwell in the Battle of Winterfell. One of the undead Night King’s army stabbed him in his back.

Episode 3, Theon Greyjoy

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“Game Of Thrones” Theon betrayed Robb Stark and with his father, Lord Balon Greyjoy invaded the North. He also became the prisoner of Ramsay Snow. Theon helped Santa escape from Snow and reunited her with Jon, her brother.

Theon was killed at the Battle of Winterfell. He knew he would be killed by the Night King, but tried to save Bran from the undead army’s leader.

Episode 3, Lady Mormont

Game Of Thrones

Lady Lyanna Mormont was one of the few women in “Game of Thrones.” She was head of the household. Mormont pledged her allegiance to the House Stark to fight the Night King.

Mormont was grabbed by a White Walker at the Battle of Winterfell. Before they killed her, she stabbed the eye of the giant and took him with her.

Episode 3, Jorah Mormont

Game Of Thrones

“Game Of Throne’s” Mormont used to work as a spy for the spymaster of King Robert. His job was to keep an eye on Targaryen exiles. He developed feelings for Daenerys who exiled him when she discovered his past. He survived being infected with greyscale disease and serves Daenerys again the Great War.

Jorah was trying to protect Daenerys and a White Walker killed him.

Episode 3, Melisandre

Game Of Thrones

“Game Of Thrones” Melisandre, who was also called the Red Woman, in “Game Of Thrones” was Lord of Light priestess. She sacrificed Shireen Baratheon and brought back to life Jon Snow.

Melisandre survived during the battle. When it was completed, she walked through the gates, took off her magical chocker and immediately aged hundreds of years and turned into dust.

Episode 3 The Night King

Game Of Thrones

“Game Of Thrones” Commander of the army of the dead, and leader of the White Walkers, the Night King was a killer since the First Men in Westeros. He was a danger to all and united the North.

The Night King went to meet Bran to kill him. Arya stabs him instead even after he grabs her throat. This ended the Battle of Winterfell.

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