Tamar Braxton’s New Relationship and How She Feels About It



“All The Way Home” singer Tamar Braxton recently shared with the world that she is in a new relationship with a man named David Adefeso. Now it seems that she is ready to share the news with the world. 

Braxton has revealed that the rest of the her Clan approves of her new relationship. According to the singer, people will not see much of her new boyfriend on her WeTv show, although he will make occasional appearances. Tamar Braxton explained that he is a private person and still adjusting to being in the spotlight.

Braxton’s family approves of her new relationship. She intimated on instagram  that her sisters, parents, and her son Logan love him.

Speaking with the media about her new partner, Braxton said “He’s really kind of, like, hard to not love because he’s a great guy, he comes from a great family, he has great morals. He loves my son to pieces and we get along great, and he’s great.”

While the relationship is still relatively new, Braxton will soon visit her boyfriend’s native Nigerian home. Although Adefeso is not a part of the entertainment industry, it seems that he is able to handle being thrust into the spotlight. Braxton explained that even though her new boyfriend is not in the entertainment industry, his career in finances allows him to handle the challenges associated with her career.

Braxton is still waiting for her divorce from Vincent Herbert to be finalized. However, she is not letting her separation get her down or stop her from moving forward with a new relationship.

In 2019, Braxton has accomplished many new things including winning ”Celebrity Big Brother” and even making her movie debut in the upcoming film “Gangland.” Tamar Braxton has made it clear that not only is she loving her new relationship, but her family loves it as well. She believes that this year is going to be her year.

Written by Anthony Cross. Edited by Kimberley Spinney


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