Joe Biden Is the 20th Democrat to Enter the Presidential Race [Video]

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Former Obama Vice-President Joe Biden announced on April 25, 2019, at 6:00 am ET he will be joining the race of 19 others who are running for the Democratic nomination for the 2020 presidential election. He chose to make his announcement by video and changing the banners on his official Twitter page.

Biden has already scheduled his first campaign rally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on April 29. Biden released his schedule immediately and planned on campaigning in the states which vote early in South Carolina, Iowa, and New Hampshire. Biden will spend a lot of time in Pennsylvania in the hopes to win over the state which went surprisingly to Trump.

The former Vice President’s political action committee called American Possibilities mailed out an email on April 23 asking supporters to register to receive updated news.

Biden who is 76 years old is the second-oldest presidential candidate running for the 2020 spot and is the contender who has the longest record in politics. Bernie Sanders at age 77 is the only contender who is older.

A question that is lingering is will Biden have the ability to raise money, in particular with those individuals who donate small monetary amounts at a grassroots level.

Most of the other political candidates have built up their donations through online sources, which generally is small donations.

Written by Barbara Sobel


CNN: Joe Biden launches campaign for president

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