Measles Cases in US at Its Highest Since It Was Eradicated Thanks to Anti-Vaxxers

Officials announced on April 24, 2019, in 2019, more citizens of the United States have been infected with measles than in any other years since measles was considered to have been eradicated.

In 22 states, 695 cases of measles have been confirmed reported The Centers for Disease Control (CDC). New York officials, where hundreds of cases have been reported, said most of the measles cases which have been reported had been non-vaccinated young children.

Two cases of women in New York who have been infected with measles are pregnant and can have a miscarriage.

The CDC stated the recent measles outbreak is driven by anti-vaxxers spreading misinformation regarding vaccine safety. They continued by saying officials in New York have been trying to stop since October 2018 new cases.

In a press release from the CDC said: “The longer measles outbreaks continue, the more likely measles will again be able to get a foothold in the US.”

Three to four million people developed the disease yearly before 1963 when the United States established a measles vaccine program. Approximately 400-500 people who developed the disease died.

CDC representatives say vaccinations are safe and before the age of 6 must get two shots. Measles in the United States was considered eradicated in 2000 when 86 cases were reported for the entire year.

Written by Barbara Sobel


BuzzFeed: Cases In The US Have Surged To A Record High As Anti-Vax Campaigns Spread Misinformation

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  1. Stacie   April 25, 2019 at 10:38 am

    No mention of the illegals (who are not immunized) bringing the disease into America. America had just about eradicated the disease in America before the illegals started flooding over our border. Just another reason America needs to seal the border and require anyone who enters to have up-to-date vaccines and health checks.


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