Pete Buttigieg Has His First Congressional Endorsement for President

Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg on April 24, 2019, gained his first Congressional endorsement from Virginia Rep. Don Beyer.

Beyer said that he was delighted and hopeful for the future as he announced his endorsement of Buttigieg for President. Continuing he said that it was the most critical election and the 13th of his adult life.

Beyer represents Northern Virginia and is in his third term. He also mentioned in 2008; he supported Barack Obama who was a Senator. He was moved by Obama’s political capability and intelligence and felt the same way about Buttigieg.

In the statement Beyer said::

The Democratic Party remains alive. I feel Buttigieg is the best person to harness the energy within the party and address the crisis our country is in. I will commit to helping get him elected as the United States 46th President.

Last month after Buttigieg appeared on a CNN town Hall, Buttigieg saw his numbers rise in the polls, and campaign donations increased.

In 2019’s first quarter, Buttigieg raised over $7 million, which is higher than some better-known candidates.

Beyer was lieutenant governor of Virginia from 1990 to 1998 and raised a large amount of money for Obama’s 2099 campaign.

Barbara Sobel


CNN: Pete Buttigieg picks up first congressional endorsement

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