Pete Buttigieg Uses Sign Language to Speak to Deaf Supporter [Video]

On April 24, 2019, Mayor Pete Buttigieg responded to Anderson “Andy” Pleasants @pleasantandy a supporter who was deaf who posted a video on Twitter.

Pleasants wrote above his video that he came up with a name for Buttigieg in sign language. He also discussed why he likes Buttigieg.

He said: “I came up for a sign language name for Buttigieg. His logo has the image of a bridge and the slogan ‘build bridges, not walls.’ His sign language name would be P ‘bridged’ across the chest to B!”

Buttigieg saw the video and posted a video to Twitter a week later. In the video, the Mayor said in sign language “Hello Andy. Thank you for your support, thanks.”

Scott Bixby from The Daily Beast retweeted Buttigieg’s video with the translation. He also wrote a deaf friend had given a verdict on the sign language “Not at all bad!”

Famed deaf actress Marlee Matlin @MarleeMatlin saw the video and tweeted back to Buttigieg and Pleasants saying: “Buttigieg, you are the first Presidential candidate I have ever seen use sign language. Bravo!” She then tweeted tp Pleasants saying that she liked the sign name that he gave the 2012 Democratic Presidential candidate.

The Mayor gave condolences to the French people after the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in French. It is reported he speaks eight languages: English, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Italian, Maltese, Dari, and Arabic.

Written by Barbara Sobel


The Hill: Buttigieg signs message to deaf supporter who created ASL sign for ‘Buttigieg’

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of YouTube – Creative Commons License

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