Light Up! Study Says Marijuana Helps Women Have Better Orgasms

A new study from the St. Louis University of Medicine studied hundred of women. Some smoked marijuana and others did not. The research concluded women who use marijuana prior to having sexual relations can double the chance of having a more satisfying orgasm.

The research study interviewed 373 women by a survey. 47 percent admitted they used marijuana. 34 percent said they used it prior to sex.

The survey was called “Sexual Health Survey” covered a wide range of topics such as pain related to sex, lubrication, and sex drive.

The researchers, in order to decrease the chance of bias, the researchers put cannabis-related questions deep into the survey.

Reviewing the research, it was found that those who used marijuana prior to engaging in sexual activity, there was a major difference than those who did not.

The researchers said those who used cannabis had an improvement in their orgasm, increased sex drive, and a decrease in sexually related pain. However, there was no change in a woman’s lubrication.

The study continued by saying cannabis improves a woman’s satisfaction with her orgasm. Women who used cannabis prior to sex and those who used frequently were more than twice likely to have a satisfactory orgasm than those used infrequently or did not use.Marijuana

The recent study concluded the researchers were consistent with previous studies on the same topic.

It is unknown why marijuana enhances and improves a woman’s sexual experience. Scientists have come to several different conclusions.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine posted an article entitled “The Relationship between Marijuana Use Prior to Sex and Sexual Function in Women.”

The researchers said that it has always been suggested that marijuana could lead to sexual function improvement simply by lowering anxiety and stress.

Marijuana may slow down the perception of time and prolong sensations which are pleasurable. It may also decrease sexual inhibitions and increase a willingness to experiment and boost confidence.

Marijuana also heightens sensations such as sight, hearing, taste, and touch.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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