Matt Lauer Who Was Fired From NBC Close to a Comeback on CNN

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LauerSixty-one-year-old Matt Lauer who was fired from NBC due to his sexually inappropriate behavior with female staff members may be returning to television.

RadarOnline is reporting a source informed the publication, Lauer has a close relationship with the president of CNN Worldwide, Jeff Zucker.

The source says, Zucker at one point was Lauer’s boss when he worked on the “Today Show.” The two remained close despite the allegations. The source continued by saying Zucker thinks Lauer is exceptionally talented. He realizes he has made mistakes in the past but does not think it is a big deal.

Lauer hopes by the end of 2019 he will return to television. CNN is interested in him, and Lauer would like to return there. The newscaster wants to put the past behind him, start a new chapter in his life, and remembers those who remained by his side during the difficult times.

Recently, Lauer attended Zucker’s 54th birthday party on April 7, 2019, in New York City. Lauer has kept a low profile since he was fired.

This would not be the first time a disgraced newscaster made a comeback. In 2015, Brian Williams embellished facts regarding being under enemy fire while he was in Iraq covering the war. He made a comeback on MSNBC with his show “The 11th Hour With Brian Williams.”

Written by Barbara Sobel


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