McDonald’s Cutting Back Their Late Night Menu. People Panic!


Starting April 30, 2019, McDonald’s is cutting back on their menu of food item choices after midnight to 5:00 am by almost 50 percent.

McDonald’s will include only those items which sell the best and are found to be popular. The fast-food chain believes this will help customers get their items as quick as possible.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s said; “We always try to make the customer’s of our restaurants have a delicious, smooth, and simple experience, no matter what time it is. That means around the clock, and the fast-food chain is looking for ways to better serve them.

After midnight, customers will no longer be able to purchase: salad, Artisan Chicken Sandwiches, Filet-O-Fish, Buttermilk Crispy Sandwiches, and Buttermilk Crispy Tenders.

On can still purchase at McDonald’s after midnight is All-Day Breakfast, Happy Meals, fries, McCafe drinks, McDonald'sBig Mac, Chicken McNuggets, Quarter Pounder, and apple pie.

People took to Twitter to tweet their outrage.

Austin Bloss @ausibloss tweeted: thanks McDonald’s you know how to mess up a snack late at night.

Frank Kemp @FrankKemp3 tweeted: Can anybody explain why McDonald’s has to have a late night menu? They are not finding a cure for cancer. Making a hamburger is not very labor intensive.

Peter @BurgerDogBoy tweeted: I hope nobody has a craving at midnight for tenders of fish. McDonald’s will only have eight food items!

Written by Barbara Sobel


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