Oscar Winner Olivia Colman Makes Suicide Pact With Husband

Oscar winner Olivia Colman admitted that she would commit suicide with her husband should one of them develop a significant medical illness.

Colman, who has three children with her husband Ed Sinclair who got married in 2001, decided on the suicide pact after they watched the movie “Amour.” The film is about an elderly couple and the love that they share. It also discussed euthanasia.

The actress said after viewing the film, it broke their hearts. It is then they decided if one becomes incapacitated when growing old, they will both commit suicide.Colman

45-year-old Colman discussed this in an interview she did in 2013. At the time, she was an unknown actress.

In 2019, she makes a minimum of $30 million after she won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in “The Favourite” as Queen Anne.

Colman has recently admitted that she suffered from an eating disorder and depression.

In 2005, after the birth of her son Finn, she suffered from post postpartum depression. She also admitted when she was growing up in Northfolk, England; she struggled with her body image.

Colman said in an interview:

I was a happy teenager, but there were was a time when there was a struggle with not eating and body confidence. There were many black clouds then, and there still are now.

She admitted to having depression after the birth of her first child, but despite that depression, she still loved her child. Coleman also revealed that she was always able to see the good she had in her life.

Written by Barbara Sobel


Radar Online: Oscar Winner Olivia Colman Confesses To Making Suicide Pact With Husband

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