Pete Buttigieg Heckled by Anti-Gay Protesters With Jesus Display [Video]

ButtigiegA protester who recently verbally attacked Presidential Democratic Candidate Pete Buttigieg in a campaign rally in Iowa, returned to another event on April 17, 2019.

The protestor yelled anti-gay slurs at Buttigieg and stated a play with two other men who were dressed as Buttigieg, Satan, and Jesus Christ.

The three set up a loud sound system close to a private home of an individual in Marshalltown, Indiana where Buttigieg was participating in a fundraiser for his campaign. Buttigieg is the mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

One man dressed in a crisp white shirt wearing a tie had a sign on him that said “Mayor Pete.” The individual flogged another man who was wearing robes and carried a cross. Another man, dressed as the devil taunted the other two.

The man dressed as Satan said “Every vote for Buttigieg is a lash on Christ’s back. You have betrayed the vows of your baptism.”

The press has identified the man dressed as Satan as Randall Terry, an activist in Operation Rescue, a pro-life group. He is also a religious activist. Terry has been following Buttigieg through his various campaign stops in Iowa.

Buttigieg did not appear bothered and went on talking to the crowd normally.

Written by Barbara Sobel


New York Post: Anti-gay protester stages disturbing Jesus display to taunt Pete Buttigieg

Featured and Top Image Courtesy Of YouTube – Creative Commons License
Video from Marcus DiPaola’s Twitter

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