Wendy Williams Burying the Hatchet With Charlamagne Tha God After a Decade

WilliamsIt looks like Charlamagne Tha God could be making up after their fall-out a decade ago.

On “The Wendy Williams Show” the host said she has been extremely popular since she filed for divorce from her husband of 21 years Kevin Hunter.

Williams said that she keeps getting invitations for events. She was reading a book last night, and her cellphone rang.

On the other end was DJ Boof, the person whose job is to warm up “The Wendy Williams Show” audience before the taping. The reason for the call was to ask Williams out for dinner.

After she finished the call, she received another. It was Charlamagne Tha God wanting to take Williams out to dinner. The audience started cheering.

The night Chalamagne wanted the dinner date, was the same day she planned on having dinner with DJ Boof.

Charlamagne said that he knew Boof, so they would both take her out. Williams said she told him that she was reading her book, had food already in the house, so he should call DJ Boof.

Williams than joked with the audience that she was going to have a double date with Charlamagne and Boof.

Williams outing with Charlamagne comes ten years after they had a fall-out. Charlamagne introduced Hunter to Sharina Hudson, who allegedly has become his mistress, and has recently had his child.

The introduction was meant to be professional, but the personal relationship which developed between Hunter and Hudson affected the relationship Charlamagne had with Williams.

Hunter who was Williams’ manager and producer, grew angry with Charlamagne but continued to hire him when Williams started her talk show.

Hunter eventually fired Charlemagne, and it is alleged he told him he could never speak with Williams again.

Charlamagne recently said on “The Breakfast Club” Hunter was a clown and a sucker. He also said he had no hard feelings towards Williams. He continued by saying; he felt sorry for the talk show host because on many levels, she is a woman who is abused.

Written by Barbara Sobel

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