Bradley Welsh ‘Trainspotting 2’ Co-Star Shot in the Head in Scotland


Multiple reports are saying that Bradley Welsh, best known for his role in “Trainspotting 2” was killed after being shot in the head while in the street in Scotland.

It has been reported Welsh was gunned down on April 17, 2019; he was in the streets in the Edinburgh neighborhood, a very affluent area.

The police in Scotland were immediately on the scene to start investigating the shooting. The entire neighborhood was immediately put on lockdown.

Welsh had few minor film roles and got his big break and biggest success playing a gangland boss in the sequel to the smash hit “Trainspotting.”

Welsh’s character in the movie owned several seedy saunas in Edinburgh and its surrounding areas.

Welsh also was a boxer and became a boxing champion in the British ABA Lightweight league.

In 2009, Welsh was one of the featured people on the docu-series “Danny Dyer’s Deadliest Men.” on the Bravo television station.

Before getting his major acting roll in “Trainspotting 2,” Welsh had no acting experience. It was reported he had legal issues and got into trouble acting as a soccer hooligan.

Welsh changed as he grew up and in the past few years, was a positive force in his community. It has been reported that he ran a boxing gym and was involved in multiple charities which focused on helping young adults better themselves and to help them stay out of trouble.

Written by Barbara Sobel


TMZ: Trainspotting 2′ Star Bradley Welsh Dead at 42, Shooting Victim

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