Madonna Releases Medellín, a Song Even Her Fans Have Problems With

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Madonna has just dropped her first single since the pop singer’s worst selling album of her career four years ago “Rebel Heart.”

One should not be surprised that Madonna plays it safe with this single and returns to singing a song which has a Latin flavor. After all, she has had multiple hits with that genre such as the work she did in “Evita” to “La Isla Bonita.”

For Madonna’s latest single, “Medellín,” she teams up with Maluma, a reggaeton singer, who is the stand out in the single. He actually sings, giving the single its heart and soul. Maluma work gives the song’s chorus its joyous celebration.

“Medellín” may boost the career of Maluma rather than be a great comeback single for Madonna.

The song is more restrained than Madonna’s work during her EDM phase. Most of the production details in this single do work. However, the amount of Auto-tune and echo on her vocals is overkill.

One must wonder if Madonna’s vocals were so bad when the producer received them, he either did not want to put in the time which would be required to clean them in order to make them sound smooth and not require auto-tune, or the vocals could not be repaired. Consequently, Auto-tune was used as a cover-up and he made it part of the song.

Madonna has struggled late in her career with her style, and this song is a middle ground. It is not groundbreaking, but it is not bad. She has played things safe.

Some of the verses have left a lot to be desired. It is rather tacky to turn a city’s violent drug trafficking history into a song lyric “We built a cartel just for love.”

The majority of Madonna fans will love the song, as they love anything the singer does. It should be noted, in a rarity, many Madonna fans were disappointed in this offering from their icon.

Beam Me Up Scotty said: “This song should not have been a single. You will fall asleep when you are driving when she is talking during the verses.”

Haterz Gon‘ Hate said: “I do not hate it. The song needs an edit. Madonna’s verses do not engage, and it needs a more climatic build at the end of the song. It is on trend with what is happening now but misses the grandiosity that I expect from Madonna. Productions wise, it does not try too hard and while trying to sound current.”

Eric said: “I have to question Madonna’s artistic tastes. This song has no energy or life.”

The big question is will this revive Madonna’s career, and make her music relevant in today’s music scene. The song is nothing original, and will not be considered a classic, nor will this be a song Madonna will be remembered by.

It is also unlikely, if asked, fans would put this song in their list of “favorite Madonna songs.”

Time will tell if this single will put 60-year-old Madonna back at the top of the charts, and make her relevant like younger hitmakers such as Lady Gaga,  Ariana Grande, and Beyoncé.

Written by Barbara Sobel


The Grape Juice: New Song: Madonna – ‘Medellin (ft. Maluma)’

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