Soulja Boy’s Home Robbed When in Jail, Bragged About on Instagram [Video]

Soulja BoySources say a caretaker for the home in Agoura Hills of Soulja Boy called Police on April 15, 2019, to report a break in. The robbers stole cash, jewelry, phone, and Soulja Boy’s personal items.

It is alleged the robber used the iPhone he stole to discuss his actions on social media.

The sources allege Soulja Boy has said the jewelry which was stolen is worth more than $500,000, which included earrings, chains, and high-end wrist watches.

The robbers also broke into the safe in his home and stole over $100,000 in cash.

The thieves broke in the home of Soulja Boy after he was placed back in custody for a parole violation.

Police report a gang of five men hacked into Soulja Boy’s Instagram Live and bragged about the theft of the rapper’s home. Law enforcement also believes that the robbers hacked into Instagram using the phone they stole from his home.

TMZ has been told from sources the men who could be viewed in the video also tried to contact the celebrity friends of Soulja Boy. They have claimed they were new artists Soulja Boy happened to be working with, and Soulja wanted their music video posted by the celebrities to their Instagram account.

They also stalked the celebrities, hounding them to feature the video on their account.

It is alleged that due to the fact Soulja Boy is locked up, he does not know about the hacking.

Written by Barbara Sobel


TMZ: Soulja Boy’s Home Burglarized While He’s in Jail, Cash and Jewelry Stolen

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