Yoji Harada’s GoFundMe for Daughter Has Not Met Goal After Two Weeks


Yoji Harada, the Japanese Tattoo legend from “Miami Ink” left us on March 26, 2019.  We still do not know the cause of his death, and people still have a difficult time fathoming he is no longer with us.

Harada’s GoFundMe to help his only daughter Sidney has been trending since it’s inception.

The goal set was $50,000, which is a meager amount to try to obtain. After all, Harada had millions of fans. If every single fan donated $1 or 5o cents, the goal would have been met many times over.

As of April 3, the GoFundMe raised $26,827, and as of April 13, it raised $29,966. According to the page, 570 people had donated.

It is unclear why such a simple task is so difficult to achieve. Harada’s popularity was insurmountable. His talent, legendary.

The GoFundMe was created by tattooist, co-owner of the famous Love Hate Tattoos, and the godfather of Sidney Ari James.

James posted two weeks ago on video telling people about the death of Harada. He said his body is in Holland, and they are working on a plan to bring him back home to the US, but are having a difficult time doing so.

James asked people to donate to the GoFundMe to help Harada’s daughter, knowing she will have a difficult time growing up without her father’s help, which is why it was felt a trust fund would be beneficial to her.

It was stressed that 100 percent of what was raised would go directly to Sidney.

One would think people would want to help set up a trust fund for Sidney to help her when she grows older. Sidney is probably too young to remember her father.

However, I am sure she will be told that the trust fund was filled with donations from fans who loved her father. This will give her some comfort knowing the father who she never got to know was beloved by so many people.

Donations for Harada’s  GoFundMe are still being accepted at the GoFundMe

Written by Barbara Sobel


GoFundMe: RIP Yoji Harada Please Help His Daughter Sidney

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