Ashley Massaro, Former WWE Superstar, Died From Hanging [SoundCloud]

MassaroSources tell TMZ that 39-year-old Ashley Massaro, the former superstar of the WWE died by suicide. She was found in her home dead from hanging.

When Massaro was found, she was already unconscious in her home located in Suffolk County, New York on May 16, 2019. She was immediately transported to a local hospital who pronounced her dead.

Law enforcement is classifying Massaro’s death as not being criminal in nature.

Massaro will be buried near her home in Suffolk County. She is survived by one daughter.

On May 19, 2019, the WWE paid tribute to Massaro during their pay-per-view event “Money In The Bank.” During the show, they put “In Memory” on the screen.

On May 17, 2019, the wrestler CM Punk phoned int the WMGM. He told them that he heard rumors that Massaro allegedly killed herself. At the time he made that announcement, the cause of Massaro’s death was not released to the public.

Punk told the audience who was listening if anybody was struggling with thoughts of suicide or has depression to immediately seek out help.

He said:

It is a very sad way to die. My thoughts go out to everybody in her family, especially to her daughter. May is Mental Health Month. If you feel depressed and things are not going right, there is no reason why one should feel as if they are alone. Reach out to a person you know. Text one of your friends. Make a call. There are hotlines if you have nobody. There is always a way to get help.

Written by Barbara Sobel


TMZ: Ashley Massaro Died By Hanging In Apparent Suicide

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