Lady Gaga’s Mother Named Goodwill Ambassador for the UN’s WHO

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GagaOn May 20, 2019, the UN World Health Organization (WHO) announced their four newly appointed Goodwill Ambassadors.

One of the four named was Cynthia Germanotta, Lady Gaga’s mother. Germanotta was named the Goodwill Ambassador for mental health. Her role is to promote a healthier lifestyle, improve the workforce, and promote around the globe better mental health practices.

Gaga’s mother tweeted on Twitter announcing her new position. She said that she was honored to be serving as the World Health Organization’s Mental Health Goodwill Ambassador. She told her followers that she would be working with Dr. Tedros and his team to make sure mental health will be put as a priority globally.

She added, “In today’s society there are many challenges, but we have even more reasons to be hopeful. It is time to act together.”

Lady Gaga shared her mother’s tweet, adding that she was proud of her mother for being chosen to be the WHO Goodwill Ambassador. The primary goal of the Born This Way Foundation is to bring mental health awareness and empower people to create a braver and kinder world. She added that what her mother was doing was a large part of doing just that.

In September 2018, Gaga’s mother spoke in front of the General Assembly of the UN on behalf of Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation. She discussed mental health and launched the Global Health initiative.

The Twitter account for the Global Health initiative says the organization’s purpose is to prioritize mental health. They hope to make a world where any person around the globe can turn to a person who can help when needed their mental health issues.

Written by Barbara Sobel

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