Beyonce and Jay Z Are Now Worth $1.2 Billion: How They Spend Their Money

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The first music billionaire couple to combine their net worth of $1.2 billion is none other than Beyonce and Jay Z. The couple is not just a part of the entertainment industry, they are entrepreneurs who have big stakes in companies like D’USSÉ and Roc Nation.

The two celebrities have built their fortune in different ways. In 2010, Beyonce launched a fragrance called The Heat, plus she also continues to drop more records and draw larger crowds on her own then her husband. Jay Z, on the other hand, has created his empire by starting his own companies or buying pieces of others. His albums and tours have brought in millions of dollars over his 30-year rap career. The couple spends their riches on homes, private jets, and donating to charities and much more.

One way they spend their money is on real estate, this includes having a home in the Hampton’s. They also have an $88 million mansion in Bel Air, California and a converted church in New Orleans.

Beyonce and Jay Z even spend money on their family. Beyonce reported that at one point she purchased a $5.9 million home for her mother. Something else the celebrities spend their money on is their children. The couple has spent over $80,000 on their twins, including matching gold cribs, and they have even purchased an $11,000 dress for Blue Ivy to wear to an awards show.

They also spend money on jewelry, courtside basketball tickets, clothing, expensive restaurants, and gifts for each other. Beyonce has even bought Jay Z a private jet that cost $40 million as a gift for Father’s day.

The couple is already worth an estimated $1.255 billion, and that number continues to grow. Beyonce and Jay Z’s children and future grandchildren will be wealthy and taken care of financially.

Beyonce stated on Boss that “my great-great-grandchildren are already rich.” The couple’s net worth will continue to benefit their children and their great-grandchildren. Beyonce and Jay-Z’s fortune will continue to grow not only for themselves, but for their family.

Written by Anthony Cross. Edited by Kimberley Spinney.


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