Cardi B Cancels Gigs After Liposuction to Fully Recover

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Cardi BCardi B canceled her May 21, 2019 show in El Paso Texas. In a press release, it stated that the 26-year old rapper had “circumstances beyond her control.”

Cardi B also canceled her show over Memorial Day at the 92 Q Spring Bling Festival in Maryland.

A source said Cardi B was canceling all her May performances because it was adviced by medical personnel that she needed to focus on recovery and healing. After she had plastic surgery, the rapper immediately returned to work because she did not want to disappoint the fans.

The flying, traveling and performances took its toll according to a source.

Cardi B’s representative said in a statement saying “Cardi B was too overzealous about returning to work, and she did not take the time which was necessary to recover fully from her plastic surgery. Her demanding schedule took a toll on Cardi B’s body and she was given strict orders by her doctor to cancel all performances for the remainder of May.”

The statement continued by saying the rapper was sad to disappoint her fans and will return in September.

Cardi B openly admitted that she had liposuction to help get her body in shape after she had a baby.

Written by Barbara Sobel


E News: Cardi B Cancels Several Performances to ”Fully Recover” From Plastic Surgery Procedures

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