Is Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter Trying to Save Their Marriage?

WilliamsIt has been reported that talk show host Wendy Williams filed for divorce from her husband of 21 years Kevin Hunter, after his years of cheating with his long term mistress Sharina Hudson.

Williams finally had enough after allegations he impregnated Hudson, and she gave birth to a baby boy.

Recently she dissolved the Hunter Foundation, a nonprofit aimed at helping substance abuse users. She founded the foundation with Hunter and her son Kevin Hunter Jr.

Hunter also was fired from his position as executive director on her talk show and as her manager.

Tasha K, a video blogger, has reported that Williams, despite telling her audience she is getting on with her life and dating multiple men, she still wants to fix her marriage to Hunter. Tasha K also said Hunter has moved into Williams apartment in Manhattan.

Tasha K reports on her blog “unWine with Tasha K” she says Hudson has moved to the Dominican Republic and Williams is acting like she is moving on and is not discussing the fact she and Hunter are trying to work things out.

It is alleged she does not want to face her audience and keep “The Wendy Williams Show” on the air.

Tasha K says, “All the press has to do stand outside her apartment, and they are going to see Hunter.”

Williams or Hunter have not verified Tasha K’s theory or confirmed by any other news sources.

The blogger is known for exposing the alleged sex crimes of R. Kelly.

Written by Barbara Sobel


Bravo: Is Wendy Williams Secretly Trying to Work Things out with Kevin Hunter?

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