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Plane Crash in Alaska Leaves Five Dead and One Missing



On May 13, 2019, two planes carrying Princess Cruise passengers collided over a small town in Alaska from unknown circumstances. Five people have since been confirmed dead, ten have been taken to a Ketchikan hospital, and one person has been unaccounted for.

One plane carried 11 people, while the other carried five. The smaller plane was affiliated with the cruise line, while the larger one was on an unrelated, independent tour. Everyone on the smaller one lost their lives, 10 on the larger plane were hospitalized, and the last person has yet to be found. According to a spokeswoman for the hospital’s medical center, Marty West, one person was critically injured. All the other patients were either in fair or good condition.

Regarding the people who lost their lives to the tragic plane accident, Princess Cruises extended their condolences to the families of the deceased passengers. They released a statement saying that they were upset to bear the news of the accident and that their “thoughts and prayers are with those who lost their lives and the families of those impacted” by the plane crash.

After the collision, helicopters and boats were sent out on a search and rescue mission. Saint Innocent, a ship that happened to pass by after the accident, rescued three people involved in the crash.

The independent plane company, AP Taquan, is not in service and will stay out of operation while the collision is under investigation by authorities, such as the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board.

The cruise was previously scheduled for seven days, however, the crash occurred on the day after departure. A passenger of the Royal Princess stated to AP that their ship will no longer leave as scheduled, and there are no certainties on how the rest of the trip will be affected.

Written by Trinity Oglesby


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