Prince Harry and Meghan Unfollow on Instagram William, Kate, and the Royal Family

HarryOn May 1, 2019, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle unfollowed several Instagram accounts pertaining to the royal family.

Harry and Meghan unfollowed the account Prince William and Kate Middleton, Prince Charles and Camilla, Princess Eugenie, Prince Andrew, and the Queen herself.

In a post, Harry and Meghan said they did this because May is the month for Mental Health Awareness, and they wanted to highlight it. The couple wanted to bring attention and pay tribute to all individuals around the world who are working in the field.

Harry and Meghan hoped to focus on particular Instagram accounts that have a focus on mental fitness, mental well-being, self-care, body positivity, and the human connection. The hoped people would listen to each other, not just hear them.

The royal couple’s Instagram list of people they followed fell from 23 accounts to 16 Instagram accounts.

Some of the accounts which did not get cut included their personal mental health initiative program they couple runs Heads Together.

Other accounts pertained to celebrities. SuperSoul Sunday talk show which is affiliated with Oprah Winfrey, and the Born This Way Foundation associated with Lady Gaga remained.

Harry and Meghan will change accounts on Instagram that they will follow to bring attention to a particular cause or theme.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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