Usheila Patel Dies on Honeymoon After Eating Sri Lanka Hotel Food

PatelKhilan Chandaria, 33-years-old, the husband of a British woman, will remain in Sri Lanka until at least May 15, 2019, when he is scheduled for a formal hearing surrounding the death of his wife who died while on their honeymoon.

Usheila Patel, 31 years old, died on six days after she was married on April 25, 2019.

For their honeymoon, the bride and groom had their honeymoon at the Amari Galle resort located in Galle, south of Columbo, the capital of Sri Lanka.

Chandaria was not arrested for harming Patel, nor has he been charged with a crime.

The family told the media that both Chandaria and Patel suffered from food poisoning.

Police said that on May 15 there would be an inquest hearing where toxicology reports will be entered into evidence.

A police spokesperson said in an interview with the AFP that it was ordered by Chief Magistrate Harshana Kekunawela an analyst from the government to provide all necessary documentation and reports on May 15 which will be used at the hearing.

Chandaria was forced to hand over his passport until a ruling could be made regarding the cause of Patel’s death.

Police said that the magistrate has not come to a conclusion as of yet, and the verdict remains open. The circumstances and cause of Patel’s death remain unknown.

Patel’s body is in judiciary custody and remains at the morgue located at Karapitiya Hospital.

A spokesperson for the resort, Russell Cool said that the newlyweds became sick after eating and did not immediately accept medical treatment. A few hours later, they asked for help.

He said that the couple ate a light meal which was prepared in the hotel. Other guests who ate at the same time did not become sick. He added that other food items were found in their possession that they obtained off hotel grounds and those items were given to authorities.

Chandaria said in an interview with British media that both he and Patel began to feel as if they developed a fever and began to vomit blood.

Patel and Chandaria were married on April 19 and arrived in Sri Lanka to start their honeymoon on April 23.

Written by Barbara Sobel


NDTV: UK Woman On Honeymoon In Sri Lanka Dies After Eating Hotel Food

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