MLM: What Is It and Why Should You Choose to Work With One? [Video]


What Is MLM?

MLM is an acronym that stands for Multi-Level Marketing, also referred to as a “pyramid scheme,” “network marketing,” or “referral marketing.” It is a strategy that marketers utilize to sell their services or products, where the income of the company is acquired from a workforce without a salary. This workforce sells that company’s services or products, while the partakers’ earnings are procured from a pyramid-shaped reimbursement employment system.

Though not all MLM companies rely on the pyramid structure, this is what is most commonly used. There are several things a business owner must do in order to make the system work. First, monetary investments need to be made. Second, representatives need to be coached on how to successfully work out the plan put in motion by the MLM owner. Third, and most importantly, the representatives need to learn how to recruit people to help expand the company because recruitment is the key component in making a pyramid structure work.

Why Would Someone Turn Down an MLM Company’s Offer?

Most people do not like working with MLM companies because they only know of the pyramid portion, and they feel that it is a scam. According to Eliza Romero:

“MLMs are pyramid schemes, and are extremely predatory because the only way to make any money is to sign up more and more people under you, which will just ruin your social relationships and make you a pariah where it matters most: your friends and family members.”

Romero speaks on the behalf of many people who feel that MLM companies are nothing more than a scam, however, there seems to be a misunderstanding among the masses about, not only what these companies are, but about what they can do.

It Is Not What You Can Do for Them, but What They Can Do for You

While Romero’s statement may be true of some, maybe even most MLM companies, it is not true for all of them. The Real Abundance company, for example, contradicts what most types of MLM companies do. First, all Real Abundance team members receive commission without ever having to sponsor anyone. In this way, the members are not forced to incorporate their work into any of their relationships to continue making their own money. This also ensures that there is no “pyramid,” because mostly everyone is on the same level without there being a race for recruitment schemes to make the most money.

Second, the company is honest and flexible. No matter what a person’s situation is, working with an MLM company such as Real Abundance will allow one to have flexibility with their schedule, and the team helps a person to not only achieve company goals but personal goals as well.

Finally, while other MLM company’s tactics may cause one to put strain and stress on their relationships with friends and family, companies like Real Abundance not only allow a person to continue those relationships but help create new ones within the company because the team is like family. The company trains the team, and never leaves them alone in their journey.

Every MLM company is not the same. It is merely about finding the correct one that will suit a person’s needs and be upfront with everyone from the beginning. When one finds a company like Real Abundance, that is when one has not only found a job but a second home.

Opinion by Trinity Oglesby


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