The Truth About Water

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The essence of life is water, as it is perhaps one of the most important things to human survival. What this means is that people simply cannot survive without drinking water.

What makes this all-natural product so important is the fact that it helps to nourish the body by bringing much-needed nutrients to the cells. However, this is not all that water does for people. It also helps with the elimination of waste and toxins in the body, as well as helping to improve the performance of the system.

While many people already know what water is and why it is so important to their health, what is interesting is the fact that there are actually different types of water. From alkaline to negative ionized alkaline water, there are actually different pH levels that can have an impact on the type of water people are drinking.

Over the years, there have been plenty of debates over the benefits of ionization and alkalinity in water. But what is the truth? The problem is that unless more unbiased studies are done, there is actually still a lot to learn about the potential benefits of negative ionized water. At the same time, what is known is that there are potential health benefits that cannot be overlooked.

In studies done revolving around the ingestion of negative ionized alkaline water, it has been found the addition of alkaline water with negative ionization can help to improve the way waste is eliminated from the system. Other benefits that have been reported are additional antioxidants being introduced into the body, as well as pH buffers being added to the system to help bring about balance to the overall pH levels.

One of the primary claims that has been made is that cells trap acidic waste in them and because of the varying levels of pH in standard, tap, and bottled waters, those same cells are unable to eliminate the buildup. This apparently leads to more colds, the flu, and general illnesses that could potentially be avoided if one were to change their diet in the smallest of ways – by drinking negative ionized alkaline water.

In studies that have looked at this pH balanced form of water, the typical term that is used to explain this liquid is “electrically reduced water,” which is why there is sometimes a bit of confusion over what is and is not beneficial to one’s overall health. Even “The Wall Street Journal” has written about the positives and negatives of this particular water and as with anything, there really are pros and cons, or at the very least positives and negatives.

For some people, in particular athletes, there was an actual performance boost when they opted for this form of the liquid. Athletes felt that the superior hydration they were receiving was enough to give them not only more focus, but also an increase in energy.

However, even with these positive testimonials, there are still plenty of people who feel that there is no real proof to back these claims. Yet there are chemists who have said that it would make sense that a higher level of alkaline or acid could “be useful for cleaning.” The problem comes from what many believe is the lack of concrete proof.

While ionizers and negatively ionized alkaline water has been around for years, with plenty of companies offering their own thoughts on the benefits of drinking this product, it seems as if there is never enough proof for those who would say it is more pseudoscience than actual science.

For people looking to explore the benefits of this type of water for themselves, it is important to note that even the Mayo Clinic has spoken about the potential positives of incorporating this into one’s diet. While they said that for many people “plain water is better,” they never come out and say that there is anything wrong with opting for the negative ionized alkaline water. Instead, they say that there can be added nutrients found in the liquid, while also pointing out the fact that it is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, which is already a positive in its favor.

Even as the Mayo Clinic felt that more studies and research needed to be done in order to prove the veracity of any claims of improved health and wellness, they never actually vilified this type of water either. That alone is enough to allow many people to give the benefit of the doubt to this unique form of water.

Ultimately, it is all about the possibility of improving one’s life and overall health, and that is something everyone can appreciate. If this means that negatively ionized alkaline water is the wave of the future, then why would a person not want to incorporate it into their diet?

Written by Kimberley Spinney


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