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Story of Dog Found on the Side of the Road With Snout Duct Taped and Throat Slit Turns Out to Be Fake



On August 17 news broke about a dog named Dani, who had been found on the side of an Ohio road with their snout allegedly taped closed and their throat cut. At the time, the community where the pup was found rallied around the dog in an effort to make sure Dani would find a new home and would get the care she needed.

However, according to CNN, it seems that the entire store was actually faked by Dani’s real owner, who just happened to be the person who “found” the injured dog. In a new report from the police investigating the alleged dog abuse, it has been found that the owner made up the story in an effort to get free veterinarian care for the pup.

It seems that Dani actually cut her throat on barbed wire, and her owner could not afford to get her cared for at the vet. In an effort to have her dog taken care of for free, a story was concocted that would garner sympathy and funds to make sure that the pup would be treated by a local vet. Of course there was also the matter of the damage to Dani’s snout, which did not come from duct tape. Instead, it seems that the owners had been leaving a muzzle on the pup for hours at a time in order to stop her from chewing things in their home.

A news release from the Ohio sheriff’s office involved in the investigation issued a statement about what the police found in this case. Sheriff Richard Jones expressed his disgust over the entire situation saying, “this is appalling, words cannot describe the disgust I’m feeling right now.”

While there is no word yet as to whether or not charges will be filed against the dog’s owner, it seems that all of the people who have rallied behind Dani in the Ohio are continuing to look out for the pup. Even with news that the entire story was a hoax, many of the people in the community are asking that the dog not be returned to the care of her owners considering not only the false reporting, but also the condition of the pup.

On the sheriff’s Facebook page, it seems that many people are lambasting the dog’s owner for neglect and abuse, with many saying they believe charges should be filed. The fact that Dani is not the only dog in the home also had people saying that both canines should be removed from the owners and given to new homes where they will be properly taken care of. Overall, it seems that for many of the people who have offered their support, it is all about making sure that both dogs are safe, no matter what actually happened.

Written by Kimberley Spinney


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