Duchess Meghan Continues to Get Slammed by Father, Thomas Markle, in the Media

Duchess Meghan

Duchess Meghan is apparently still having issues with her father, Thomas Markle, as he has again gone to the press with his grievances against his daughter and son-in-law. Not only is Markle slamming his daughter for being dishonest, but he is also begging to be allowed to see his grandson, Archie.

According to Fox News, Duchess Meghan’s father has chosen to speak to “The Daily Mail” about his issues with his daughter, pointing out that he has not even received a picture of baby Archie from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. In an interview with the media outlet, Markle said that he wants the picture so he can frame it and put it on his wall next to a framed picture of his daughter.

The elder Markle said that there are times when he believes people think he does not love his daughter, however, he wants to set the record straight about his relationship with Duchess Meghan. He shared that he does love her very much. That being said, he was quick to say he had hoped that once she became a mother it would “mellow Meghan and she would reach out.” Clearly that is not the case, as Thomas Markle is once again sharing his displeasure over Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry not reaching out to him in some way following the birth of Archie.

For some people, it seems that this new interview is a bit of a surprise as Duchess Meghan’s father has been keeping a low profile over the last few months. However, he claims the reason for his silence was more about making sure he was not adding to his daughter’s stress while she was pregnant.

Now that Duchess Meghan has given birth, it seems that Thomas Markle is no longer interested in keeping quiet about the things he feels are wrong with his relationship with his daughter and son-in-law. In fact, Markle seems to have a lot of opinions about Duchess Meghan beyond their relationship issues too.

On top of complaining about the lack of contact with his daughter and grandson, Markle had no problem chiming in on the issue of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex using a private jet to travel. He said that he believes “it’s a shame” that Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry will say one thing to the public, but then turn around and act a different way.

Of course, that is not all Markle had to say, as Duchess Meghan’s father also continued to bring up past issues, including his lack of attendance at the couple’s wedding, his health issues, and even his financial responsibilities to his daughter. He claims that he not only paid for her college education, but also helped fund more than one trip.

While Thomas Markle might say that he paid for a number of things for his daughter, Duchess Meghan has stated that she received financial aid to attend school. She has also said that she has given money to her father in the past to help him out.

Whether or not the royal family or Duchess Meghan chooses to respond the the latest interview by Thomas Markle remains to be seen. However, it is unlikely that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will want to engage in a back and forth with the man.

Written by Kimberley Spinney


Fox News – Thomas Markle slams Meghan Markle, Prince Harry as ‘hypocritical,’ begs to meet baby Archie

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