San Jose Hotel Guests Report Foul-Smelling Odor

San Jose

One woman has died, and eight people are sick due to a hazmat incident that occurred Saturday, Aug. 31, 2019, in a San Jose hotel, according to authorities.

On Saturday, guests of the Fairmont Hotel reported smelling a chemical odor, similar to the smell of rotten eggs. Guests felt faint, light-headed, and short of breath.

According to San Jose Police Officer Gina Tepoorten, authorities are investigating the death as a suicide. The hazmat incident is related to the woman’s suicide.

San Jose Fire Department Capt. Mitch Matlow says that the eight people who were sickened are believed to be employees of the Fairmont Hotel. Several other people reported minor symptoms but they have recovered with fresh air.

Matlow stated at a news conference that over 100 people were evacuated from the hotel. Exposure to the unknown chemical was thought to be “very brief.”

Fairmont Hotel spokesperson Michelle Heston told KTVU that the hotel’s top priority is safety.

According to the TV station, the woman who died is believed to have been a guest at the hotel. The eight people who were sickened were taken to local hospitals, however, no one is believed to be in life-threatening condition.

This is an ongoing investigation and Guardian Liberty Voice will continue to report on this story as more information becomes available

By Jeanette Smith

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