Ukraine, the Biden Family, and an Oil Company

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United States President Donald Trump said in private that Hunter Biden influenced the Chinese government to place $1.5 billion into an investment fund. He is former Vice President Joe Biden’s son.

Trump informed a U.S. executive about the matter. However, the executive has served as his middle man on trade talks with Beijing.

The Atlantic reported that the whistleblower process has ignited the fourth impeachment process in U.S. history. However, it placed a previous issue on display again from earlier in 2010 back into the national spotlight.

In the Ukraine political environment former U.S. political figures, high profile lawyers, and experts on policy trade their insider political knowledge and political connections to Ukraine public officials. In return, the kleptocrats receive their services.

The Atlantic wrote that the sudden reinterest in Ukraine raises several bothersome notions. The burnishing of the fortunes of foreign leaders of the state for large sums of money have become standard procedure in Washington. Also, the U.S. office-bearers convinced themselves and the nation that this is ethical.

CNN reported that Peter Schweizer suggested in a May op-ed for the New York Post that the former vice president’s private equity firm made a 1.5 billion deal with the Bank of China. The Biden family visited the People’s Republic of China shortly before the business transaction was signed.

Left and Right-Wing Opinions

Schweizer stated that Biden profited through his father’s political connections in Communist China, despite CNN saying that it occurred when his father was no longer vice president. Schweizer published “Clinton Cash,” and “Secret Empires,” which are about dark allegations of the Clinton and Obama administrations.

In 2014, Biden, the former vice president’s son, became director of Burisma. Burisma is the largest gas producer in Ukraine. The Atlantic said that Biden had no experience in the gas industry. Additionally, he had no experience with Ukraine’s regularity affairs.

The Ukraine government had collapsed because of a revolution weeks before Biden came to Ukraine. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s gas was a preferable alternative to Russian gas.

CNN reported that there is no evidence that the Biden family received money from Red China. However, the Atlantic stated that under the Obama administration, former Vice President Biden was content during his second term in office. Additionally, the potential presidential candidate was conducting alleged business transactions related to his son in China and Ukraine.

The New York Times and the Washington Post reported that Biden had not received any money from his fund. Also, he was an unpaid advisory board member. Although, the Atlantic says that Mykola Zlochevsky founded Burishma, Zlochevsky was the Yanukovych Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources.

The Bidens Connection With a Ukrainian Minister

Zlochevsky oversaw Ukraine’s fossil fuel deposits. Yanukovych’s assets were frozen by the British government. The New Yorker reported that Zlochevsky then fled Ukraine before the younger Biden enlisted his law firm to advise the government’s corporate welfare. The freeze on the foreign leader’s assets would then be lifted.

President Trump stated that he has raised the Biden affair topic with a U.S. executive. The executive has served as his liaison on trade talks with Beijing.

Opinion by John A. Federico


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