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Black Friday 2019: Discounted College Credits Available Thanks to Outlier


Black Friday

For many people, Black Friday is all about discount shopping and finding amazing deals on everything from clothing to toys. However, there is more to this discount shopping day than just getting the best deal on televisions, clothing, and computers. Not only can people find deals on things like hotel stays and theme park admissions, but in 2019 Black Friday is also offering discounted college education credits with the help of Outlier.

For anyone unfamiliar with Outlier, it is a chance to earn college credits online without having to do the traditional schooling route. As an added bonus, the credits are relatively affordable in comparison to a traditional college.

In honor of Black Friday this year, Outlier has decided to offer a special discount on two of their courses. Students looking to save a bit of money this year can snag a savings of $65 on two of their courses, Calculus I and Psychology.

According to Outlier, this is like getting a scholarship that does not require any type of essay. Considering how often Black Friday is about spending money on gifts and even unnecessary things, the chance to get discounted college credits seems like the kind of savings to celebrate this holiday season.

While discounted education might not be the first thing to come to mind on Black Friday, it looks like Outlier is hoping to change all of that. After all, if people can save money on airfare and cruises, why not get a discount on college credits too?

For more information on Outlier’s Black Friday savings (which is good from Nov. 28 until Dec. 2) check out Outlier.org, which will also explain their program and all of the different courses they offer beyond Calculus and Psychology.

Black Friday

Written by Kimberley Spinney


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