Five Below Customers Will See Products Over $5 in Stores Now

Five Below

Five Below

When it comes to stores that keep their prices low, many people think of stores like Dollar General and The Dollar Tree. However, Five Below is another great option for shoppers looking to snag some great deals.

Much like the name implies, Five Below has long been a store that allows customers to pick up items for $5 and under. Everything from household goods to makeup and candy are all priced under the $5 mark. Recently though, customers may have noticed some price tags that are clearly higher than the standard $5 the store usually offers.

According to CNN, it seems that this new trend is here to stay, and while the store name will remain Five Below, there will be two sections that offer items $10 and under. While the company has long absorbed price increases, it appears that they are no longer able to do this without offering some products over $5.

In a recent press release from Five Below, they explained that, “Recently, we had to raise prices above $5 on tech items to keep providing the products you love.” However, it is not just tech items that they will be between $5 and $10. There will also be a “Ten Below Gift Shop” to go along with the “Ten Below Tech.” These two sections may not be large, but they are clearly going to be a change of pace for customers who expect to find products under $5.

While Five Below might be offering two sections of products over their usual price points, they remain committed to offering a wide range of products for $5 and below. With most of the products in store still “five below” it makes sense that the company has no plans to change their name or the way they do business.

Written by Kimberley Spinney


CNN – Five Below starts selling products for more than $5

Image Credit – Mike Mozart’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License