Travel Tips for the 2019 Holiday Season and Beyond


With 2019 coming to a close, it means that holiday travel is in full swing. For many people, this also means planning for future trips as well, including looking at destinations to explore in 2020.

According to the Dollar Flight Club, it is expected that the 2019 holiday season will see record-breaking travel numbers, as more than 120 million Americans getaway, whether to see friends and family or to actually take a much-needed vacation. With so many people heading to the airport or even the train stations, it can be hard to not only find a good deal, but also enjoy stress-free travel.

Thanks to the Dollar Flight Club, there are six key strategies that can make not only booking a flight easier, but also the actual travel itself less stressful. Considering this is the busiest time of year for airports and the travel industry itself, these tips are just in time to save the last few weeks of 2019 from being a major stressor in one’s life.

  • Utilize Deal Alerts – It is always important to note that depending on the deal being offered, it will likely be available for a very short period of time. This is because the “better the deal,” the less time they will be available. The best way to stay on top of the deals is to use deal alerts. Not only can people use Google Flights to get alerts about deals on specific routes, but Dollar Flight Club also offers their own service alerting users to fare deals.
  • Take Advantage of the Free Trial of CLEAR – If there is one travel tip everyone should take advantage of, it would have to be this one. CLEAR is a service that helps expedite the security process at the airport, and it might just be one of the best travel tools out there for handling lines at TSA. There is a two month trial of CLEAR that lets travelers utilize this service for free and the best time to give it a shot is the holidays when the lines at the airport are at their longest.
  • How to Avoid Delays – One of the best ways to avoid travel delays is to book early morning flights. Not only are these the flights that are the most likely to be on time, but they are also less likely to be canceled. Delays tend to be a way of life, especially at the holidays, but thinking about the time of day of one’s flight can help prevent the worst from happening.
  • Travel Insurance is Key – Travel insurance is the backup plan most people forget all about, even at the holidays. If something happens with a trip, the insurance is there to protect one’s plans. Not only can it be worth the extra money (which can be as low as $20), but if something does happen, it really will feel like a lifesaver.
  • Be Flexible With Travel Dates – Avoiding peak days is the best way to save time and money when traveling. If it is possible to be flexible in terms of travel dates, it can save hundreds of dollars, while also not having a major impact on time spent at the airport.
  • Choose Alternate Airports if Possible – One way to save money is to choose a different airport to fly out of or into. Major airports typically offer a lot more competition, which means that airlines are looking to get business by offering lower prices. This is best for saving money, even if it may not always seem more convenient in terms of potential wait times or even travel times.

Travel is how many people stay connected with their family and friends, which means the holidays will always be one of the busiest times of the year. With these six tips, it is possible to save some time and money not just during the holiday season, but all year long. Plus, with the help of sites like the Dollar Flight Club, it is possible to find great deals without worrying about checking every airline out there.

Written by Kimberley Spinney


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