Happy Birthday DiMarkco Chandler!

birthdayHappy birthday to our fearless leader. The one who calls the shots and supplies the ammo and vision for the target. One of the things we appreciate about you is that you are always willing to listen and discuss new ideas and suggestions in order to achieve improvements for the benefit of all. You are truly a leader with foresight and veracity. One who has managed to gain our trust and respect. On your birthday, we wish you peace, good health, and happiness.

Where do we begin when honoring the servant life of a man such as yourself? How do we say “thank you” for all that you have sown, laid down, picked up, carried, and poured into the company? We have grasped for words that carry the weight and distinction that you deserve and come up wanting. What sets the best leaders apart from the rest? Being a great teacher. Not just the kind of teaching that happens during a formal review or critique, but the kind of teaching that happens naturally and intentionally.

We have always felt your support. Sometimes it was in the form of you just listening to an idea or letting us know that you had our backs in times of conflict. We all agree that you have been instrumental in our growth as writers and editors. You have given the team opportunities to learn and try new things and more on-the-job training and coaching than we can count.

When we ask for your time, you give it freely. When we ask for feedback, you give it genuinely and gently. Your support cannot be measured. Neither can your loyalty to the process of success. Are you perfect? Of course not. In the end, we are human beings, so we are not flawless. However, the small things we may deem as shortcomings have not changed the way we regard you.birthday

Deficits have not swayed you. Critics have not moved you. Some organizations emerge from a crisis stronger and more ready to thrive than they were before the crisis arrived. The big differentiator that separates them from companies that falter is people – how their leaders empathize, engage, motivate, and capitalize on their talents and knowledge in the face of adversity. The hallmarks of fearless leadership are a focus on growth, forward momentum, and action.

It is fearlessness that allows leaders to embrace failure, learn from it, and try again, rather than being paralyzed by uncertainty, afraid of making a bad decision, or unwilling to admit mistakes and learn from them. Fearless leaders are vulnerable, able to embrace their own failures, weaknesses, and imperfections without using them as excuses.

Vision is your creed and language in all forms is your legacy. You have remained humble through the applause and yet bold in your conviction and call – and for that, we say THANK YOU!!!. So today, it is our deepest honor and profound privilege to share in this milestone. It has been a wonderful ride with some rocky turns. We make mistakes, we learn, we laugh, and yet, we achieve so much together.

To our fearless leader, DiMarkco S. Chandler, Happy Birthday! The man who makes it all happen, the ringleader of our crazy, exciting circus, the friend we all love to have. Thank you for allowing us to go on this journey with you. May all your dreams be fulfilled and may you accomplish all the goals. We are forever grateful to you and from all of us at Frackle LLC, we wish you the happiest of days on your birthday and a lifetime of many more!


Cherese Jackson and the Team of Champions!

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  2. Jeanette Smith   April 23, 2020 at 9:33 am

    Thank you, Cherese! This was wonderfully written and beautifully put.


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