Presidential Conventions Cancelled Due to Covid-19

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As a result of Covid-19, Joe Biden and Donald Trump decided to cancel the 2020 Presidential conventions. These conventions occur every four years. During which major parties convene to accept their nominations. Trump wants to give an acceptance speech at the White House. While his Democratic counterpart, Biden, is not planning to hold a rally at all.


Though the Presidential conventions are significant, the rise in Covid-19 cases raises concerns. On the other hand, neither party will be able to connect with their supporters before the election. Not to mention that the campaigns must look for alternative methods to follow public health protocols while also reaching out to the public.

Although the American public may miss traditional festivities, change is necessary. Some officials on the campaigns have expressed their sentiments. According to GOP chairman, Matt Moore, “As long as they can watch it on Facebook, most voters don’t care if the conventions are in Siberia or Sheboygan.” Though for President Trump, the location of the Presidential conventions does seem important.

Finding A “Presidential” Location

As previously mentioned, Biden decided to cancel his convention in Milwaukee. However, Trump is still searching for a place to hold his rally.

Trump had planned to hold his rally in North Carolina or Florida. However, North Carolina’s Governor was not willing to lift restrictions for a large crowd. For this reason, he abandoned North Carolina and decided to go to Republican-run Florida. Unfortunately, Florida cases spiked causing the President to cancel those plans.

President Trump has not given up. Instead, he plans to hold the Presidential convention from Charlotte and continue to various locations, one of which being the White House. However, plans are not secure yet. In addition to speakers like pro-Trump Representatives, Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz, first lady Melania Trump would speak. Using the White House in his campaign could violate laws that prohibit the use of government property or personnel in campaigns.

Contrarily, the Hatch Act — which limits political activities — does not cover rooms in the White House or the residence of the vice president. The use of the White House, however, raises concerns. Trump believes that the White House is the best place to host his Presidential convention as it will save money.

Biden’s Presidential Convention Plans

On the other hand, Joe Biden has always been reluctant to hold a rally. Prior to the Democratic National Committee, Biden expressed concerns about having a full arena. Allegedly Biden has created a 45-minute video showing his year of campaigning and it features some of his top supporters including his wife.

Unlike, President Trump, Biden seems to have an alternative plan that will not compromise anyone’s health. Though voters could care less about the Presidential conventions. To some, the Presidential conventions are incredibly important. Even during wars, conventions were held. Recently,  there has been a huge lack of public interest and importance.

Presidential Conventions Future?

The Presidential conventions, as trivial as they may seem, allow candidates to expand their platforms. Speakers have even used these conventions to launch their own campaigns. The conventions are a key part of the election process, however public health must be a top priority. Considering the number of white house staff members that tested positive after the Trumps Tulsa rally, holding a Presidential convention at the White House does not seem like a good idea.

The transmission of Covid-19 is a possible risk if Trump is able to hold his rally at the White House. It seems like the better option would be to follow in Biden’s footsteps and create a video. Still, it seems Trump, like so many of his supporters, is fighting for more in-person events in 2020. Regardless, it seems the 2020 Presidential conventions will be televised or canceled completely.

The Presidential Reality

Thus, Trump may have to opt for a Presidential convention held online rather than in-person. It seems reckless to hold the conventions in any other way. Especially since the president has already exposed staff to the virus before. Though this may continue the trend of lower viewership for Presidential conventions.

Written by Reginae Echols

Edited by Sheena Robertson


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