Zoraleigh Ryan Killed After Being Run Over Twice


On  August 10, 2020, Zoraleigh Ryan and her daughter were both hit by a silver Ford Explorer. It happened just after 10 p.m. on Hubbard street, slightly East of State street. Ryan and her daughter were standing at the corner waiting to cross the street when they were hit by the car. A bystander was able to pull the daughter out of the street; however, was not able to pull Ryan away before the car struck her. The vehicle pulled a U-Turned again so the driver drove away. Ryan was 55 years old. Ryan’s Family has created a GoFundMe to help with funeral expenses.

The suspect is 25-year-old, Edgar Roman who told police he had been carjacked after the incident. Roman then alleges he was forced to drive around the city by two people. He was arrested immediately and faces several charges including murder. Ryan’s son spent August 12th, playing a video of her, so he could hear her laugh again. Stephanie Louge, Zoraleigh’s stepdaughter said “a bystander was able to get to Shannon(the child) in time to pull her from the street.. couldn’t get back in time to get [Ryan] before the SUV… came back to hit her again.” Ryan’s Family was devastated by this loss.

Ryan’s granddaughter Angelina Adams also shared expressing that “This is a person that is just so sweet, doesn’t hurt anyone,” “[Ryan] always makes sure everyone is good before herself.” The reason why someone would want to kill Ryan is a mystery to the family. Hopefully, they may gain some closure soon and that the murderer faces justice. What makes matters worse is that Ryan was in Chicago visiting her family and traveled from Arizona to be here.

Chicago Violence

Chicago has had a problem with violence for a very long time. At one point there would be a fatal shooting every other hour. The issue of violence in Chicago must be dealt with. Many families have been cut down by violence in Chicago and it seems as though it is not going away. Although the violence fluctuates, there are times in which it seems to end, but it will come back. It will not stop until a fundamental change has occurred here.


Theft and robbery come about when people have too little. If everyone had enough people would be less likely to resort to stealing. The theft and robbery rate would lessen greatly if everyone had an equal opportunity to make money. Therefore people who have nothing are resorting to extremes to survive. The law in this instance tells them to have nothing, as they have the obligation to protect the person being stolen from, but not to help those in need.

Ryan’s murder portrays much of what is wrong with Chicago. According to her family, Ryan was sweer, helpful, generous, and an overall good person. Yet, her murder is only one of many. Murders are no longer newsworthy in Chicago because they happen so often. In fact, what became newsworthy is when there is less violence because we have become so accustomed to it. As of today August 13th, two other articles are speaking about Ryans Murder. It has to be a goal to eliminate this issue. To make every act of violence something rare.

Is It Possible?

Right now, it seems impossible to stop crime and violence in Chicago. Although if there was an effort, the most likely scenario would be an increase in police presence. Although this doesn’t always work. In Chicago, there is a huge police presence with over 12,000 officers and 15 percent of the city budget. However, neither of these things Protected Ryan before she was killed. They only operate after. Therefore, the solution needs to come from somewhere else.

The solution needs to come from the system and the minds of the people. Eliminate the need for crime by bringing people up and educating them. It is not right for the system to deny poor people good education, housing, or food and then punish them from turning to the way they can move up. The problems that exist in Chicago are complex. These solutions may not work, but the point is to try. As a city, we have to continue to try until everyone can be educated. We have to continue the only reason for people’s failure is themselves and not a City stacked against them. We have to continue until a person’s situation does not dictate how hight they can fly.

Written by Joseph Nelson

Edited by Sheena Robertson


WGN-TV: Family devastated after woman run over twice, killed in River North

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