Roanoke Virginia Has Seen a Stream of Violence, 1 Arrest Has Been Made

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The city of Roanoke, Virginia has seen hit a stream of violence in the past 24 hours. City officials have been investigating a series of shootings the city has seen.

RoanokeOne of the Crimes

One such incident involves a shooting that left two people injured. According to the Roanoke Police Department, officers were called to the 700 Block of Bridge Street where they found a man who was shot multiple times. This crime happened around 2 a.m. (EST) on Sept. 12, 2020. Police also found a woman at the scene who had minor injuries as well. Both victims were transported to Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital to be treated for their injuries.

Authorities believe the woman’s injuries occurred during a physical altercation, involving several individuals prior to the gunfire. This was stated on the Roanoke Police Department’s Twitter page.

Officers Make 1 Arrest

Sometime during the evening of September 13, officers arrested 51-year-old Ahmad Mubdi. According to authorities, Mubdi was taken into custody without incident. Mubdi has been charged with “malicious wounding.” Mubdi is believed to be only one of several suspects in the incident that occurred on the 12th.

The Roanoke Police Department is still currently investing in this incident, along with two separate shootings and a stabbing. In a statement with WDBJ7 Bishop Jamaal Jackson — Lead Pastor of Refreshing Church — said, “This is somebody’s else’s child, this is somebody else’s brother, somebody else’s sister.” He pleaded with the citizens of Roanoke to remember this before they pull out a gun to handle their disagreements. Bishop Jackson then pointed out that most people do not think about it “until it hits on your doorstep, knocks on your door.”

Further Statements Made About These Incidents

Bishop Jackson is a member of Roanoke’s Study Committee to Reduce Gun Violence. Another member of this group is the city’s Vice Mayor Joe Cobb. Cobb agrees with Bishop Jackson’s assessment.

“… Violence does not resolve anything, it only exacerbates the problem,” Cobb said. He further added that a task force has been working on ways to resolve conflict. The task force does this “Through meditation to other means, through connecting with each other in ways that create solutions and create positive paths,” Cobb further added.

The Other Stream of Violence

A few hours prior to the incident involving Mubdi, police were called to an incident where a victim was stabbed. The third stream of violence Roanoke has seen happened roughly two hours prior to the stabbing. Gunshots rang out on the 1100 Block of Loudon Avenue NW. One witness described the incident saying how her children had narrowly escaped. Authorities found two victims who had been shot.

Cobb stated that these incidents were “very concerning.” He further stated that “It’s unusual to have so many incidents that close together.” Due to the stream of violence that Roanoke, Virginia has seen many citizens have severe concerns. The Roanoke Police Department is continuing its efforts to find every individual involved in all of the incidents.

They have asked for any person with knowledge of any of these events to contact them. They have set up anonymous tip lines for people to call or text.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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