‘The Mandalorian’ Baby Yoda Steals Eggs from ‘The Passenger’

The Mandalorian
“The Mandalorian” is bound by the law of gravity. The 40 minutes of fights, chase scenes, and crazy creatures have viewers on the edge of their seats. According to The New York Times, Chapter 10, “The Passenger,” is Season 2 of Episode 2 on Nov. 16, 2020.

the MandalorianReturning from Mos Pelgo, the Mandalorian defeated many bandits who attempted to take The Child. After his speeder bike was destroyed, Mando visited Peli Motto and found her playing cards with Dr. Mandible. She says the doctor has information about other Mandalorians.

After being told a contact would meet them at the Peli Motto’s, he learned the person who knew where to find other Mandalorians. The hitch was he would need to take a passenger to another planet to find out where the others like him are.

Mando took the job, which entailed taking the Frog Lady to her husband on an estuary moon called Trask. She needed him to fertilize her eggs, and he had information to help Mando on his journey to reunite The Child with his kind.

The Mandalorian, The Child, and Frog Lady were forced to make a crash landing to find a place to hide after becoming the targets of two New Republic X-wings officers. They landed the Razor Crest inside an ice canyon. The ship was severely damaged from crashing through the ice. The Mandalorian wanted to wait until the morning to repair the ship because the weather was freezing.

Din Djarin, aka Mando, does not understand a word the Frog Lady says. She used a droid to translate that she did not want to stay until the morning. He reluctantly started repairing the aircraft.

While the Mandolarian worked to fix the damages, the Frog Lady stumbles across a hot spring and decides to take a dip with her eggs. Mando warns her that it is not safe and persuades her to collect her remaining eggs that The Child did not eat and get out. The Child had eaten quite a few of her eggs.

The Child finds hundreds of other types of eggs elsewhere in the cave and began to eat them. Some of these eggs hatch, and all different size spiders came out and started to attack them. Although they were surrounded, the Mandalorian fends the spiders off, making it to the ship.

As the trio tries to take off, another large arachnid stops them. The X-wing pilots find them and kill the spiders. They also let Mando go free, so they depart and continued on their journey.

Written by Jessica Letcher
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


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