‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 Episode 1 Is Action Packed

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In the second season, Mando, aka Din Djarin, continues to try to find other Mandalorians, so they can assist him with finding the location of The Child’s people so that he can reunite him with his kind, according to Vulture on Nov. 8, 2020.

In the intro, Mando meets with Gor Koresh at an illegal arena where Gamorreans fight to their death. He finds out that he can’t trust Koresh soon after arriving. Koresh is willing to kill Djarin to own his Mandalorian armor.

Mando fought and killed Koresh people to protect his Mandalorian armor and The Child. He questions Koresh then leave him hanging upside down to be attacked by red-eyed creatures. As he leaves, Koresh begs him to let him down as the creatures start to surround him.

Din Djarin paid a visit to the droid-loving mechanic Peli Motto on his way to search for another Mandalorian. Amy Sedaris plays Motto. She was happy to find out that Mando is starting to be friendlier toward droids — he allowed them to work on his aircraft for the first time.

She offered to babysit and asked if she can purchase The Child, but Mando refused both offers. She helped him find the direction of Mos Pelgo. Mos Pelgo disappeared off the map following the collapse of the empire.

Mando visits Mos Pelgo, also known as Freetown, after Koresh gave him the information he needed. It is located in the northern hemisphere of the planet Tatooine. He was hoping to find a Mandalorian there.

As he questions a bartender on arrival about other Mandalorians, Cobb Vanth introduced himself; he was wearing Boba Fett’s armor. He was agitated that Vanth had on Mandalorian armor, he told him to give him the gear. Vanth, played by Timothy Olyphant, made a deal to return it if he helps him slay a dragon.

The dragon was killing Mos Pelgo’s livestock. Vanth also told Mando that he obtained the armor from the Jawa. He traded crystals that he took from the Mining Collective people for the armor.

On the day Vanth took the crystals, he escaped the Mining Collective attack on Mos Pelgo. They opened fire in the town’s cantina. They were trying to enslave the people, but Sheriff Vanth and the bartender escaped.

Vanth took the crystals from them as he fled. The Mining Collective enslaved the town for a few days until Vanth traded with the Jawa the crystals for Boba Fett’s armor. He returned to liberate Mos Pelgo wearing the Mandalorian armor.

He took out the whole unit of Mining Collective, even the enforcers that tried to escape on a land speeder. He blew the land speeder up with a missile. The people looked at him as their savor.

To defeat the Krayt dragon, the Mandalorian talked the sheriff into allying with the Tusken Raiders. That was not a small request because the Tuskens killed many of Mos Pelgo’s citizens and stole some of their lands. He told Vanth and the Tusken people they will have to work together to survive.

After they killed the dragon, the Tuskens got the pearl from the tummy of it. The Tuskens and the settlers were at peace. Vanth remained in control. As they went their separate ways, they were being watched by Temuera Morrison, who played Jango Fett in Star Wars.

The Mandalorian continued on his journey to find other Mandalorians to help him locate The Child people.

Written by Jessica Letcher
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


Vulture: The Mandalorian Season Premiere Recap: How to Kill Your Krayt Dragon; Keith Phipps

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Tom Hamilton’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License



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