Male and Female Relationships Chess Rules the Solution [Video]

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The essential confusion found in modern-day relationships is the roles males and females play in a relationship. It has been stated that males were created to rule and females to serve. Then, some feel no compelling difference between males and females other than the physical differences.

Some might say that people are perplexed about these relationship roles, or maybe the term rules should be used to give it a better understanding. Everything in life comes with rules and instructions.

RelationshipValuable Chess Pieces

Using the rules of chess can assist in understanding the male and female rules of a relationship. The two main pieces in the game are the king and the queen. The queen is the most powerful piece in the game, but the king is the most valuable.

If the king is captured, the game is over. But what if the queen decided to change the rules of the game and make it to where if the queen gets captured, the game is over. The queen would be the most valuable and most powerful piece in the game.

In reality, that game would no longer be chess. And that is why relationships are no longer relationships.

Chess and Real Life

Now, how does that relate to a real-life relationship? When a thing is created, it comes with rules or roles that it must play, fulfilling the purpose of its creation.

A chair can never play the role of a bed. Two or more chairs can be placed together to form a make-shift bed, but it will never be a bed.

The same rules apply to male and female relationships. The male is the most valuable piece, and the female is the most powerful. Changing those components in any way changes their purpose.

RelationshipChanging The Rules

What if the female decided or was convinced to stop using her power to protect the male. Would the relationship and the purpose of creating male and female change from the initial purpose the creator had for their creation?

This is where the challenges are. It can be viewed that the game of chess was created by a male, the king, being the most valuable and the queen, only being the most powerful. Now the question has to be asked, do power and value create a balanced relationship when used together?

RelationshipWhat is Power?

Power is the capacity or ability to direct or influence others’ behavior or the course of events. How are females using their power? Are they using their power to protect the male and the family which the game represents?

The chessboard pieces represent the relationship between the male (king) and the female (queen) and their court. The two bishops, one on each side of the king and queen. These pieces represent the spiritual advisor that every male and female must have in their life.

Two knights positioned next to the spiritual advisor are the male and females champions or BFFs. Both the king and the queen have one, but they both work together to do what? Protect the king and win the game.

RelationshipThe rook or castle are found next to the knights representing the female and males humble abode. No male or female can embark upon a relationship or a family without having and securing their own home or apartment; when this rule is broken, the percentage of losing the game of family increases.

Pawns are the male’s and the female’s friends and associates who help them win the game called family. What happens when a pawn advances to the backline of the opponent? That pawn changes and becomes any piece on the board other than the king.

In the battle called life, friends and associates can move into a position where more value is given to them than they had as an initial friend. These chess pieces and rules can be used to understand and put things back into perspective into relationships.

Gender Roles Have Changed

In today’s society, gender roles have been flipped upside down and turned inside out. Females now focus more on themselves and have changed the rules. This may have been caused by powerful females becoming frustrated, disappointed, and feeling disrespected. Whatever the cause, the result is the same. Game over.

Opinion by Omari Jahi
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


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