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Due to schedule changes because of a positive COVID-19 test by the Ravens, the Thursday Night Football Game between the Cowboys and the Ravens will be played Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2020.

NFL: Saints 21 — Falcons 16

The Saints are the first to clinch a playoff birth with a victory over the Falcons. In the first half, the Saints scored two touchdowns off a Tre’Quan Smith 15-yard touchdown pass from Taysom Hill and a Jared Cook 11-yard touchdown pass. The Falcons scored three field goals and were behind at the half 14-9. In the second half, both teams could only score one touchdown which gave the victory to the Saints.


NFL: Lions 34 — Bears 30

Everyone believed that this was the game that the Bears would win and end the five-game losing streak. The Bears were dominating this game all the way through to the fourth quarter. With the Bears up by ten points in the fourth the Lions Marvin Jones Jr.catches a 25-yard touchdown pass from Matthew Stafford.

On the following set of downs on a third and four play on the Bears 17-yard line Trubinski was sacked and fumbles. The Lions recover and two plays later Adrian Peterson powers into the endzone on a five-yard touchdown with 1:37 left on the game clock.

The Bears moved the ball 55-yards down the field and with sixteen seconds left on the clock they had a fourth and one on the Lions 20-yard line and ran Montgomery up the middle, but he was denied the first down. The Bears find a way to lose.

NFLNFL: Browns 41 — Titans 35

Baker Mayfield must have woke up Sunday morning feeling dangerous because in the first half he threw for five touchdowns and Browns kicker Cody Parkey kicked a 27-yard field goal. The Derrick Henry show was put on hold as the Browns defense held Henry to 15 carries for 60-yards on the day. The Titans’ only first-half score was on a Corey Davis 17-yard touchdown pass from Ryan Tannehill. The half ended with the Browns on top 38-7. Tannehill threw four touchdowns in the second half to the Browns one field goal, but it was not enough.

NFL: Dolphins 19 — Bengals 7

The Bengals were fortunate enough to get one touchdown in this game and the remaining points on the board were a Dolphins one touch down and four field goals.

NFLNFL: Vikings 27 — Jaguars 24

The Jaguars come out in the first quarter and score a touchdown and a field goal while the Vikings only first-half points come in the second quarter on an Adam Thielen three-yard touchdown pass from Kirk Cousins. The point after was missed. Halftime score Jaguars 9 Vikings 6.

On the first play of the second half, Kirk Cousins is picked off by Joe Schobert and he takes it to the house 43-yards for the touchdown. The Vikings responded with two touchdowns, a field goal, and safety taking the lead by eight points with 1:08 left on the game clock. Jacksonville goes 75-yards in 10-plays to score a touchdown on a James Robinson one-yard run. Mike Glennon Pass to Collin Johnson for a Two-Point Conversion sending the game into overtime.

After both teams miss field goal opportunities the Vikings go three and out and the Jacksonville’s quarterback gets picked off by Vikings by H.Smith at the Jag’s 46-yard line with 5:24 left in overtime. The Vikings will go 41-yards in 11-plays to kick the winning 23-yard field goal.

NFLNFL: Raiders 31 — Jets 28

In a very exciting game the Jets put up four touchdowns and they would have won the game if it were not for the Henry Ruggs III 46-yard touchdown pass from Derek Carr with five seconds left on the clock to win the game.

NFL: Colts 26 — Texans 20

In the first half of the game, Phillip Rivers and the Colts put up 24-points holding Deshawn Watson and the Texans to 20-points. The Colts defense shut down the Texans in the second half guaranteeing the win with a fourth-quarter safety.

NFL: Rams 38 — Cardinals 28

With two high-flying offensive teams going head-to-head this was a game to watch. This game would come down to the team that makes the fewer mistakes will walk away with the victory. The Rams put on the board five touchdowns and one field goal as Jared Goff passed for 351-yards and one touchdown. Kyler Murray and the Cardinals score four touchdowns along with a second-half fumble and a pick-six giving the game to the Rams.

NFL: Giants 17 — Seahawks 12

This game was a shocker as Russel Wilson and the Seahawks could only score a field goal and a safety totaling five points in the first three quarters while the Giants scored two touchdowns and a field goal totaling 17-points. The Seahawks score a final touchdown with 6:09 left on the game clock. No last-minute comeback for Russell Wilson in this game.

NFLNFL: Packers 30 — Eagles 16

Green Bay was in full control of this game from the second quarter to the end of the game. The Packers scored four touchdowns and a field goal to put the game out of reach.

NFL: Patriots 45 — Chargers 0

Cam Newton ran for two touchdowns and the special teams checked in for two touchdowns with a 70-yard punt return and a 44-yard blocked field goal returned for a touchdown ending the half. In the second half, the Patriots added two more touchdowns and a field goal completing their Sunday shutout of the Chargers.

NFL: Chiefs 22 — Broncos 16

With the Broncos only scoring two touchdowns and a field goal they were ahead on the scoreboard with the Chiefs not being able to score a touchdown until 1:06 in the third quarter. That touchdown put them up by three points at the end of the third. Kansas City padded their lead with a fourth-quarter field goal.

NFLNFL: Monday Night Football Washington 23 — Steelers 17

On any given Sunday is the matra for teams that are not doing well, and it paid off for Washington on Monday Night. The Steelers jumped out on top in the first half 14-3. In the second half, Washington scored two touchdowns and two field goals while the undefeated Steelers could only put up a field goal. The Steelers were only down by three-points when Big Ben was picked off on the Steelers’ 25-yard line with 1:29 left on the game clock. Washington kicks a field goal with seventeen seconds left to hand Pittsburg their first loss of the season.

NFL: Monday Night Football Bills 34 — 49ers 24

Buffalo put up three touchdowns and two field goals while the 49ers put up three touchdowns and one field goal. The Niners would have had a chance to pull this game out if they would not have given up two second-half interceptions.

The Buccaneers and the Panthers were both on a bye in week 13.

Written by Omari Jahi


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