America Politically Still Fighting Civil War Part 2 [Video]



In part one of this article entitled “America Hopeful or Cautious of President Joe Biden,” this reporter raised the question, which America does President Joe Biden represent? White Anglo-Saxton Protestants’ right-wing Americans, or the liberal left-wing Americans?

The average American does not recognize that the American political parties are structured to the religious, social, and moral values of the two different White powerbases vying for control of this country.

American Political Civil War

This power struggle is far beyond a political fight between a narcissistic TV reality star and a senile older man. This country is being ripped apart over fundamental White cultural issues that have been smoldering since the 1800s.

AMERICASome would say that America is on the brink of a civil war. Still, in the opinion of this humble reporter, America has been fighting a civil war between the White Anglo-Saxton Prodistants and the liberal White Jews and Catholics since the civil war of 1812 began.

Many are under the misconception that WASPs are southern country bumpkins, but this is far from the truth. American WASPs have come north and have infused themselves within the social, political, and high ranking social service and judicial positions in America.

There is an old saying that says:

If a person shows you who they are, believe them.

A WASP has held the office of president since George Washington except for three men, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and Barack Obama. The founding fathers in constructing the Constitution recognize the Federated States’ sovereignty, not of the people. Alexander Hamilton in the Federalist Papers said:

Its purpose is to establish a regime comparable to the British monarchy without aristocracy, certainly not a democracy.

They have organized pressure groups like the N.R.A. and APAC to draft most of the United States laws regardless of who is elected to Congress and the White House. The real and true power in America is concealed by political staff like a smokescreen. These lobbyist groups note every decision and vote our elected politicians make, compiling and publishing their conformities every year.

Electoral College vs. Popular Vote

AMERICAThe powers that control and run the United States keep claiming that the presidential election is a matter of the electorate. The constitution does not stipulate the election of a federal president appointed by an electoral college, delegated by state governors, but a president elected by the people, for the people.

Before 1880, the state governors of the union gave each state two votes for president. The person with the most votes and the runner-up are the president and vice-president, respectively.

The appointment of electors was a matter for each state to determine, and in 1880, every state began to use a popular vote to determine winners of presidential elections. This electoral college comes into play when the electorates seem to be losing in the popular vote.

Remember, the constitution was set up for each state’s two electorates to elect our republic’s leader.

Twenty years ago, in the presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore, Bush supporters used the electoral college to ensure their guy got in office. But some may ask the question, what happened in 2016 when Trump won the presidential election?

AMERICAWASP had fallen asleep at the wheel in 2008 when APAC and Jewish people of power and political clout threw their support behind Barack Obama. The WASPs had eight years to quietly find someone representing and speak to the values and ideals of White Anglo-Saxton Prodistants all over America.

Putting a Black man in the oval office was the straw that broke the WASP back. Donald Trump was looked upon as a political joke in comparison to Hillary Clinton. But the Jewish lobby did not consider that WASPs were infused secretly into the political and social fabric of America.

The WASPs came out in unheard-of numbers to elect Donald Trump, and Trump had support from the electoral college based upon the Wasp’s anger with a Black president for eight years.

This reporter believes that the civil war of 1812 between the WASPs and the Jewish/Catholic alliance has continued to be active and in full force here in America. The Jewish/Catholic alliance knows that the WASPs have not discovered someone else to run as a viable candidate, so they must revolt against the alliance’s rule and control.

This is what political civil war looks like. It can evolve into a race war very easily if the knowledge, understanding, and motivation of each group are not studied.

Opinion by Omari Jahi


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